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The word “meraki” is Greek for doing something with so much love and devotion that you leave a piece of your soul in it.

The key online influencers (KOIs) we work with offer pieces of their souls in form of advice and support for patients every day.

– As influential voices in their online communities, they filter through the clutter to inform patients’ choices.
– As members of patient advocacy groups, they advocate for better health awareness.
– As patient experts, they advice healthcare companies and regulatory agencies on how to best address patient needs.

It is their engagement and input that created merakoi: the first approach to online research that includes patient expert input at every step of the way to shape and improve our insights.

Birgit Bauer
Birgit BauerGermany
“Social Media is about people, it is about human stories, about sharing with others and understanding real life experiences.

Birgit is a journalist and a E-Patient from Germany.

Anne Marie Cerato
Anne Marie CeratoCanada

Anne Marie is a patient and advocate who uses her experiences as both an educator and patient to inspire and educate the public about both lung cancer and young adults living with cancer. She is a board member and chair of programs for Lung Cancer Canada and LocaLife leader for Young Adult Cancer Canada in Toronto, where she lives. Anne Marie is a public speaker and author of the blog These Are My Scars, her focus is on the patient experience and de-stigmatising lung cancer.

Catherine Cerisey
Catherine CeriseyFrance
Catherine is a leading breast cancer patient blogger in France. She also collaborates with « la maison du cancer » and writes for the « Rose » magazine dedicated to women with cancer.
Catherine is a social media and patient empowerment consultant.
Lisa Emrich
Lisa EmrichUSA
Lisa is a patient advocate who has been educating, empowering, and inspiring patients since 2007 through her blogs at Brass and Ivory and the Carnival of MS.
She works as a patient expert at Health Central.
Marie Ennis-O'Connor
Marie Ennis-O'ConnorIreland
Marie is a writer, social media consultant, and author of the award-winning blog, Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer. She is also a board member of Europa Donna Ireland, a patient advocacy group that is one of 46 member countries across Europe.
Marie has extensive experience of working with healthcare practitioners and patient advocates and is interested in how both can engage and learn from each other at the level of social media.
Joan Jordan
Joan JordanIreland
“I have been living with MS for over six years.…I don’t want to stand on the side lines and cheer the researchers on, I want to play!!”

Joan is a EUPATI Expert Patient with a background in software development and special interest in statistics.

Maria Paz Giambastiani
Maria Paz GiambastianiSpain
“I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 13 years ago, an illness that deeply affected all other areas in my life. But beyond my limitations, I keep on going.”
Maria is a journalist, social community manager, University teacher rare disease and blogs for dissability and inclusion in Spain and Latin America.
Craig DeLarge
Craig DeLargeUSA
Craig A. DeLarge is a digital health strategist and mental health advocate who has brought his occupation and vocation together as curator at The Digital Mental Health Project (medium.com/@dmhp). The Project produces research and education to accelerate the responsible adoption of digital technology in the mental health space.

Over many years, he has held a variety of marketing and digital health roles across pharma, healthcare communications and with a local Philadelphia, PA, USA chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. His core expertise are in the areas of digital health, digital transformation, change management, customer & business development, and customer relationship marketing & communications.

He has degrees in Marketing from Thomas Jefferson University (BSc), and Design Management (MBA) from the University of Westminster (UK). He is also a candidate Public Health Masters student at Kings College, London, with plans to graduate in 2020.

Casey Quinlan
Casey QuinlanUSA
Casey Quinlan covered her share of medical stories as a TV news field producer, and used healthcare as part of her standup comedy set. When she got a cancer diagnosis five days before Christmas, she used her research, communication, and comedy skills to navigate treatment, and wrote “Cancer for Christmas: Making the Most of a Daunting Gift” about managing medical care, and the importance of health literate self-advocacy. She writes, she speaks, she facilitates the Festivus Airing of Grievances in healthcare. Her favorite people to work with are those who want to fix the system, not serve the status quo.

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